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About This Site

This site is part of a large collective, dedicated to that wonderful manga-ka (the same as a comic book artist in the US, about) Naoko Takeuchi. This particular site was created in July, 2002, by Mako-chan.

What is great about this site is that if you are interested in any other series by Takeuchi, you can visit the main collective and get a cool site about each one (assuming each one has a designer). Plus, you can talk with other fans in our forums or check out the facts on Naoko herself.

Other things about this site in particular? Well, I'm always open to suggestions, and if you have a good idea for additions (or have something you'd like to contribute: fanart, fanfiction, wallpaper, scans...) I'd be happy to take them.

If you're interested in joining the Takeuchi-Naoko team, check out the main site (there is a link to it on the main page), read through the requirements and then feel free to apply. This collective is for fans, by fans.