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I suspect eventually I'll have things available to download here like website layouts, banners, buttons, and wallpapers. BUT, for now I'll just include the most important download I have right now.


Note: I have been trying to get 'unofficial official' permission for this to be on this website, but have had no luck with emailing them. At any rate, here are the scanlations for PQ Angels (unofficial fan translations) by Starry Heaven Scanlation Group. I take absolutely no credit for the work and effort put forth in editing the images, translating, etcetera for this. If anyone from Starry Heaven sees this and objects, please email me and I will immediately take it down. Otherwise, I will cheerfully allow this to be available to download on this site until one of the following happens (if they ever do) - 1. Starry Heaven Objects; 2. PQ Angels returns to Nakayoshi (or a tankoubon form) to continue on as a revival.

Download PQ Angels