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The Characters


Pyrethrum and the Kunoichi Bank: Pyrethrum is the leader of the Kunoichi Bank, the group of villians in this series. He requires an "object" but again, the details are unclear. (My guess would be the legendary giraffe stone, but that is only speculation... even when general paichuu brings it up).

Cyanophos, Bromophos, and Prothiophos in disguiseReal Form

The first group of villians he sends after the girls are Cyanophos, Bromophos, and Prothiophos... they followed P and Q to get the object Pyrethrum desired, but were destroyed by P and Q. The first picture is a shot of all three of them in disguise as humans, the second is a picture of one of them in their real form. (There is not a very decent shot of all three in their real forms.)

Magicians in Black

The next group sent was a pair, called Fenitrothion and Fenthion, who disguise themselves as magicians, and go by the pseudo name "the Magicians in Black" or "MIB". (A pun about the men in black... don't think about will smith when I say this either, the real ones are supposed to be quite frightening). The girls discovered the two dolphin satuettes that Paichuu gave them emits a powerful force field energy, and that their house forms a magnetic field... they never got to use this information, though, because the girls destroyed them.

Baigon and Demilin

The next group were a couple of beer-drinking girls named Baigon and Demilin , who recognized P-ko as a Furien when she was competing in the school sports festival. They were recognized by the cylindar they received from Honey as being dangerous enemies and imposters. In their real form they are similar to Cyanophos, Bromophos, and Prothriophos. They, too, were destroyed by P-ko and Q-ko.

Perthine and Pyrethin

Perthine and Pyrethin: These two crashed the Christmas party the girls were having dressed as two santas. They claim that they will take what Pyrethrum-sama desires by taking advantage that they were busy at their party. They posess two men and turn them into giants to crash the Christmas party. The girls use their Gigantic Mode to fight the monsters off. P and Q successfully fight off the giant monsters with a special holiday attack. They defeat the evil spirits of the Santa Sisters and free the two men. It begins to snow, the girls both have wings and a halo and the party goers are all convinced that they are simply angels. The men see the 'Angels' and declare that they have reformed from their evil and greedy ways.

It should be noted that all the villians names are from Pesticides... ^_-