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Site History

This site is getting old... ^_^: It was created five years ago, in July of 2002 and hasn't had too many major changes. The newest layout has information updates as well as more images in the gallery. There have been two other layouts used before this one came about:

First Layout - This was a layout that I made for the site's grand opening. It was a tables layout and it was influenced by one I found at Goddess Goodies, a former part of the Eternal Moon collective. The sub pages were all simple tables with header images.

Second Layout - This layout was created about a year after the first one and I was really happy with it. ^_^ It used Div layers and iframes making it a pretty standard layout for all pages within the site. I don't remember where I found that scan of P and Q because usually that image is more blurred or the colors are off. I was really happy when I found it!