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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can learn the answers to those burning questions you have.

Why don't you update this site that often?
Because it's really a mini shrine to a tiny series by Takeuchi. The series ran for only a few acts, then stopped abruptly because Takeuchi and Nakyoshi had a... erm.. "falling out" of sorts. Therefore, this site will get more attention if something dramatic happens to PQ Angels, such as it becomes a TV series, it is recontinued in Nakyoshi, or it is released in english.

Can I use your graphics?
No. I'm sorry, but I've tried really hard to keep this site somewhat unique from other PQ Angels sites, if in graphics only. Besides, you'll never learn how to create your own graphics if you use mine.

Can I use your information?
Yes, as long as it isn't word-for-word reproduction of what I said. As for the info in general, feel free to use it- I simply researched the series and came up with what you see here.

Where can I find the manga?
That's a tough question. RIght now, the only place I've seen it (even remotely) has been on Ebay. Since it ran a while ago, and it wasn't ever made into volumes, you can only find PQ Angels on resale sites... or maybe in a comic book shop, if you're lucky.

Why did you make this site?
Because I like PQ Angels, and because my friend Hitsuji asked if I'd like to.