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The Story:

PQ Angels is a story of two alien girls, from the planet Furien (which means cockroach), who are sent on a mission to find their exaulted leader, Queen Anko. The details about her disappearence are completely enigmatic. The reader is unsure if the Queen ran away, or was kidnapped from her home. To add to the mystery, it is all connected somehow to an object called the Giraffe stone, which is also a complete enigma. ^_-

So the girls go off to Earth as cockroaches, in hopes of finding their queen. On the way, they go through hilarious antics learning Earth's ways, and have trouble covering up for themselves at times! The girls develop crushes on the cute boys who live next door, and have to go to school as well, to keep "under cover". Add to this some bad guys they meet on the way, and you have a pretty cute story.