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The Characters


Here are some of Q-ko's statistics:

Age: 14
Grade: 7
Planet: Furien
Sign: Saggitarius
Birthday: December 12
Blood type: O
Rank: Orc Halberd Oniwaban (highest rank to defend Queen Anko)
Symbol: Star
Image Color: Green
School: Koganemushi Academy
Codename: Q


Q-ko, or Nigauri Kyuuko, (Nigauri means "cucumber") is level-headed, and very strong, mentally. She's a lot like Rei from Sailormoon , in that she's level-headed, graceful, and her attacks are similar. Like P-ko, she is an alien from the planet Furien, and is also a cockroach sometimes. (It seems icky at first, but it's actually very kawaii). When Q-ko is a cockroach, she has a little green star on her back... however, it isn't that simple going back and forth between the forms.


To become human, Q-ko must (as a cockroach) kiss a human on the lips. As a human, she has a cockroach "tattoo" with a little green star on its back. Most of the girls at school think that this is very cool. To become a cockroach again, she must kiss her bracelet. And to get into battle mode, Q-ko (and P-ko, for that matter) must say "Warning Color Mode!..." "...Furien Aura!! Metamorphos!" and then kiss each other. Lots of kissing... ^_-

On P-ko:

Q-ko can be a little bit frustrate with P-ko's immaturity, because while she is very focused on the mission, P-ko tends to be more light hearted on focused on the humans. ^_- However, she becomes good friends with P-ko never the less in a short while.

On Ouga:

Q-ko seems to like Ouga, even if she hasn't quite fallen in love with him like P-ko did with his brother, Ouji. The first time she transformed into a human on Earth, she used Ouga as her kiss. So, does Q-ko have a tiny little crush on Ouga? It's possible, since she has the temperment to never let on that she might be breaking a rule. Also, she didn't seem to object too much to the move next door to the boys, even if she knew it meant P-ko might be breaking one of the "Three Furien Principles" (see below).

On the Mission:

Q-ko was sent to Earth to find Queen Anko (see Other Characters), the missing monarch of their planet. Though the girls at first thought she may be abducted, her supervisor assured them both to not jump to conclusions. All that is known about the mission is the queen is missing, and that it may be connected to the mysterious Giraffe stone.

The Three Furien Principles:

Article One: Do not injure a human
Article Two: Protect yourself and your allies
Article Three: Do not fall in love with a human.