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The Characters



Ouga is the boy that Q-ko kisses first when she gets to Earth. Ouga is interested in the pretty girls, but he doesn't seem to obsess over them like his brother, Ouji.


Hagemashi Ouga is smart and sophisticated. He's an all around nice guy, and he doesn't find it too wierd that P-ko and Q-ko moved into the house that was a vacant lot minutes before. He's just glad that two good looking girls are next door at all!


Although Ouga is the first person Q-ko kisses, he doesn't freak out over it like Ouji does, and certainly doesn't think the girls are "terrorists". He's pretty sensible, even if he's not right about it... (actually, Ouji is... O_O).

On Q-ko:

Even if Q-ko might, maybe, have a tiny crush on Ouga, it is uncertain. As far as I can tell, he thinks that both of the girls are nice, maybe a little bit eccentric, but cute all the same.