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Encyclopedia of PQ Angels



Airport - the place where P and Q first enter Earth in Act 1.

Aliens - What P and Q are, what Ouji suspects they are. That is to say, not of Earth, from another planet.

Anko - the name of the queen P and Q are protecting. She is mysterious and connected to the Giraffe stone. Peanut is friends with Queen Anko before she became one of her inner guardians. The queen likes manga, according to P-ko.

Anko-type cylindar - the clear cylindar Honey gives to P and Q. It gets thinner when enemies are around and thicker when the Queen is near.

Autumn Eggplants are Not Eaten by Ladies! (attack) - An attack from P where her gun shoots eggplants at the enemy. Used on the Magicians in Black in Act 3.


Baigon - One of the beer drinking "Camgals" who attack Piiko and Kyuuko at the Koganemushi Festival.

Balding - the Hagemashi family are all balding. Piiko notices the shine on Ouji's head, when she finds out it's a bald spot she points it out to him rather rudely.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon - the manga that the author, Takeuchi Naoko, had completed just before starting PQ Angels. Because of the success and popularity of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, there are many references to it within the PQ Angels series.

Bracelet - A magical item both P and Q possess which can do several things depending upon the command. Kissing the bracelet will revert the girls from human to cockroach form, calling for Bucky Mouse and pushing a button on the side will summon that cute critter, and kissing the bracelet and saying gigantic mode will make the girls grow much larger.

Bromophos - One of the three Succi sisters from Act 1 of PQ Angels. She takes over the body of a flight attendant to disguise herself.

Bucky Mouse - a round ball that Kyuuri calls from her bracelet to search for Peanut's ID Badge in Act 1. It beeps and floats, similar to Luna-p from Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon but much smaller and white. Bucky mouse can find things and also build houses with the 'Memory Build' command. When Bucky Mouse is in their bracelets, it says 'chu!' in response.


Camgal Sisters - The beer drinking villianesses of Act 3. They attack Piiko and Kyuuko at the Koganemushi festival.

Card Attack - the first enemy attack against P and Q. No words were used, and the attack did miss both of them. But still, the cards could've done some damage of P and Q were slower.

Cat - Two cats appear in the series and both look eerily similar to each other. The guardian of the gates and Ouji's cat, Sleepy.

Cecil - A pretty girl in Piiko and Kyuuko's class, she is a model. She is best known for her Ramen Commercials. She is obsessed with the occult and extraterrestrials. Her full name is Torkiabuto Cecil.

Clay Figure Shrine Maiden - See Honey.

Cockroach - What P and Q truly are, alien cockroaches. They can transform back and forth between human and cockroach by kissing.

Christmas Cake is Noel Kindling! (attack) - An attack used by P in Act 4. Her gun shoots Yule Logs at the enemy.

Chrysanthemum sake! (attack) - An attack performed by Q-ko on the Camgals in Act 3. Sake pours out of her gun. (It also manages to also get both P and Q drunk)

Cyanophos - One of the three Succi sisters from Act 1 of PQ Angels. She takes over the body of a flight attendant to disguise herself.


Darkness Powder (attack) - Allows their guns to fire a dark mist around a crowded scene. Used in Act 4.

Demilin - One of the beer drinking Camgals who attack Piiko and Kyuuko at the Koganemushi festival in Act 3.

Dolphin Statue - Golden statues presented as a sign of military promotion to orc halberd oniwaban status. Q places them on the pitch of their roof. They emit a strange field of energy, according to the magicians in black.

Draw Land into River (attack) - An attack by one of the Succi Sisters, it pulls the earth out from under P and Q's feet.


Electromagnetic Waves - What Furien power emits when in use, the Dolphin Statues, P and Q's house, as well as they themselves (when they perform magic) generate.


Fart - Piiko farts and Kyuuri wonders what it is. Piiko explains it is a fart and that you get them from eating potatoes. She is very proud. Kyuuri tells her it's vulgar because they are Jr High Girls.

Fat man - A greedy landlord in Act 4. He is possessed by one of the Santa Sisters but reforms in the end because he is convinced he saw real Angels. He is also kissed by a drunken Sunia.

Fenthion - One of the two Magicians in Black, she follows P and Q around and discover the magic surrouding their house. One of the villianesses in Act 2.

Fenitrothion - One of the two Magicians in Black, she follows P and Q to discover the magic surrounding their houses as well as the strange magnetic field the Dolphin Statues creates. One of the villianesses in Act 2.

Fragrant Olives - Piiko smells this and wants to eat them. It is probably a reference to Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon's Princess Kakyuu.

Fresh sardines! Pike spray! (attack) - Attack by P-ko on the Magicians in Black (act 2), her gun sprays out sardines.

Fujiyama Castle - Palace where Queen Anko normally lives. It looks very traditional and Japanese. There are 108 steps to reach the palace gates because only those who are enlightened may see Queen Anko.

Furien - The planet P and Q are from, what they also refer to themselves as (ie: "we Furien..."). Also revealed to mean 'cockroach'.

Furien Symbol - The cockroach mark on Piiko and Kyuuko when they are in human form. They tell the girls in their class it is a tattoo.


Gate - A round portal to enter between Earth and planet Furien.

Girrafe Stone - A precious gem that has mysterious powers. It is said that whoever posesses it will rule the world (in that way it is similar to the ginzuishou). It is the Furien Holy National Treasure, and no one knows where it is except for Queen Anko.


Hagemashi - Ouji and Ouga's family name. Once used as a pun to say that Ouji doesn't suit his last name (being gloomy) because one meaning of it is 'cheer'. (But in Alex Glover's translations, he mentions it uses different kanji than the word for cheer.) Also Hage means bald which is a pun on the balding family.

Hawaii - Where Piiko and Kyuuko claim to have moved from before coming to Japan.

Heart - Peanut's symbol. This appears on her back when she is in Cockroach form.

Hermit Actor Play! (attack) - Attack by the Magicians in Black sisters, it creates an illusion in which the ground disappears underneath P and Q.

Holy Blood of Christ-sama! Overcome the devils! (attack) - A christmastime attack which Q uses to fire wine at the enemy in Act 4.

Honey - A Clay Shrine Maiden. She serves Queen Anko and helps P and Q by giving them an Anko-type Cylindar.


Ice Cream! Mix Powder! Fruit Sherbet! (attack) - P shouts this and her gun lobs fruits that freeze the Succi Sisters before Q attacks to finish them.

ID Badge - Apparently needed to use the gate, this item is lost by P and found by Ouji (who later returned it to her).


Japanese-style house - the house that P and Q have Bucky Mouse build. It is very traditional styled, built over night, and has doors to different worlds within it.

Jungle Phase - The final phase of training selection which P and Q must pass to become Orc Halberd Oniwaban. P and Q pass with the best record in the past and therefore obtain their new rank.


Kissing - Act used to initiate all transformations of P and Q. This includes changing from cockroach to human, changing into PQ Angels (attack mode), Changing from human to cockroach, or changing to a different size.

Koganemushi Festival - An athletic festival that Piiko and Kyuuko attend. The word "Koganemushi" means 'scarab beetle' and is a pun on the fact that Piiko and Kyuuko are really a type of beetle (cockroach). That is why there is a beetle on the banner for it.

Kunoichi Bank - The name of the group of Villians in PQ Angels. They inhabit the Radical Zone and are headed up by Pyrethrum.

Kyuuko (Q-ko) - The name Q adopts while associating with humans. Her full disguised name is Nigauri Kyuuko. "Nigauri" means cuccumber.

Kyuuri - The name of Q or Kyuuko when she is on Furien. It means 'cuccumber'.


Launch - a big gathering, like a party, which the eighth grade class who wins the most events at the Koganemushi Festival get as a prize. The reason Piiko draws attention to herself and enters the boys' event.


Magicians in Black - The name for a group of two enemies (Fenthion and Fenitrothion) who follow P and Q around and discovered some of their unusual magic in Act 2. They are destroyed by P.

Men In Black - Ouji warns the girls about the MIB possibly getting involved. The Men In Black are known for going to people who have a connection with UFO sightings and harassing them, generally telling them to keep quiet about it.

MIB - The initials for both "Men in Black" and "Magicians in Black", made as a pun to associate the magicians with the alien-associated group.

Miki-chan - The name of the little girl who reads Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon in the airport in Act 1.

Mimetic Mode!! Clothes change! La cucaracha! (transformation) - Used to transform the clothes of P and Q during the Koganemushi festival upon discovering that the Camgals are enemies. P transforms into a waitress, and Q into a Japanese hostess.

Mr. Hagemashi - Father of Ouji and Ouga, the technical head of the Hagemashi family. He works at a company that makes pesticides, ironically. He is very busy with business and spends a lot of time in America.

Mushroom Scent! Flavor Attack! - Used to defeat the Magicians in Black at the beginniing of Act 3, P's gun shoots out many mushrooms.


Nakayoshi (alternately spelled 'Nakayosi') - The Shoujo Manga magazine that PQ Angels ran in. Because of how brief the series is, there are no Tankoubon (Volumes) of PQ Angels. The name of the magazine means 'friend' and has been the magazine to feature many excellent Shoujo series such as Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Kaitou St. Tail.


Ouga - Ouji's older brother. He is the first human Q kisses. See his Character Page for more information.

Ouji - The main male in the series. His name means 'Prince' and he was the first human P kisses. Ouji is very suspicous of Piiko and Kyuuri. (see his Character Page for more information).

Orc Halberd Oniwaban - The highest rank as a defender of Queen Anko. Oniwaban means inner guardian, and the Orc is the character for Shachibone, a mystical dolphin-like fish.


P - Peanut's code-name while she is on duty as Orc Halberd Oniwaban.

Paichu - The General above P and Q. He is the one to give them thier new ranks as Orc Halberd Oniwaban and their orders. He also gives them the most information about the Giraffe stone and Queen Anko's disappearance.

Panties - Ouji notes that when he sees Piiko and Kyuuko flying in the air that Piiko is wearing Strawberry panties.

Peanut - One of the nicknames for Piiko, P, or Plum. The main name she uses while on Furien.

Perthrine - One of the Santa Sisters, she possesses the tall man and turns him into a giant monster. She is defeated by P and Q in Act 4.

Pesticides - What all the members of the Kunoichi bank are named for, and the deathly fear of Peanut and Kyuuri (naturally, being cockroaches).

Piiko (P-ko) - The name P adopts when associating with humans. Her disguised name.

Plum - One of the nicknames for Piiko, P, or Peanut.

Princess of the Moon - Another reference to Sailormoon, Kuria wonders very fleetingly if Piiko is the princess of the moon.

Prothiophos - One of the Succi Sisters, she disguises herself as a flight attendant and attacks P and Q in Act 1.

Pyrethrin - One of the Santa Sisters, she posesses the fat man and was defeated by P and Q in Act 4.

Pyrethrum - The head of the Kunoichi Bank. Very little is known about him, other than he desires 'an object'.

Pyrethrum Beer Campaign Girls - Another name for the Camgals, the two villainesses who attacked P and Q at the Koganemushi Athletic Festival. They appear to be thought of as cosplayers, because they are standing with a group of other people who were costume playing Sailor Senshi.


Q - Kyuuri's code-name while she is on duty as Orc Halberd Oniwaban.


Rabbit of the Moon - what Ouji says P and Q look like from behind when they are floating. A nod to Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, most likely.

Radical Zone - the place the Kunoichi Bank inhabits. Very little is known about this place.


Santa Sisters - the two villianesses who attack P and Q in Act 4, they possess the fat and tall men but are defeated.

Shachibone - Word used to describe both "Golden Dolphin Statue" and "Orc" (in orc halberd oniwaban). Shachibone is a mythical dolphin-fish which protects over certain cities in Japan. Note: Aside from what Alex Glover's translations indicate, I have found no other information on the Shachibone. Please email me if you find some!

Spirit Escape Art (attack?) - The maneuver the Santa Sisters use to possess the fat man and the tall man.

Star - Kyuuri's symbol. This appears on her back when she is in cockroach form.

Succi Sisters - the first group of villians to appear, they disguise themselves as flight attendants and attack P and Q in Act 1. They first attack with cards but later use the Draw Land into River attack.


Tall Man - A greedy landlord in Act 4. He is possessed by one of the Santa Sisters but reforms in the end because he is convinced he saw real Angels.

Tattoo - the excuse Kyuuko makes to the classmates when they see the two Furien Marks; she says they are tattoos. They have to explain it with something because their classmates are ready to squash the 'bugs' on their arms.

Terrorist- What Ouji initially thinks Piiko and Kyuuri are. This is due to seeing a flash in the sky and hearing a loud explosion.

Tokyo - The setting for PQ Angels, where General Paichu believes Queen Anko may be found.


Umeko - Ouji's mother. She and their father spend most time in America on business. They are the reason Ouji and Ouga are at the airport in the first act, and they come home for Christmas.



Warning Color Mode! Fuiren Aura! Metamorphose!! (transformation) - to change from civilian to soldier, P and Q must shout this. They also must kiss each other to power up.



Yamato - The dragon that Queen Anko takes care of. He has a beautiful voice 'like the ringing of a bell'.