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The Characters

Other Characters

Queen Anko: Queen Anko is the missing monarch of Furien, and also the focus of P-ko and Q-ko's mission. Anko holds the secret to the legendary Giraffe stone, and it is possible she may have been abducted for that reason. Or she may have ran away herself... details are unclear. All that is known about the stone itself is that it gives great power to whomever has it, and that Anko is the only person who knows where it is.

General Paichuu

General Paichuu: The general looks like the typical kind of alien we think of: Tear drop shaped head, large eyes, small nose and mouth, long spindly fingers... the only main difference is he has a star on his forehead. The General is very loud (he likes to shout at P and Q), and also sensible. He awarded the girls their new rank and gave them each dolphin statuettes (which they placed in their home on earth on the fireplace.). He also is the person who gave them their mission... and told them that the queen wasn't certified to be abducted. He also reminded the girls of the Furien Principles (see P-ko's Page).


Honey: Honey is the first clay shrine maiden the girls meet. She has a large white head with no hair on it, and she clearly looks up to the two girls. (she calls them "P-sama" and "Q-sama", which is a very high form of respect). Honey gave the girls an Anko-type Queen sensor- which is a cylindar made of glass(?) which will help them on their mission. It gets thicker when the Queen is near, and thinner when an enemy is around.


Rennyuu: Rennyuu is consulted by Q-ko to help her cook for a party they had at their house. Rennyuu means "condensed milk" and she helps Q-ko serve the food to their guests. She also tells Q-ko she'll only help for money, which Q-ko promises to put into her account. She has a tail like a mermaid, but can have legs and walk around as well. To get legs, she pours a liquid from her teapot onto her tail. Rennyuu is from Furien, but doesn't have the same qualities as P-ko and Q-ko.


Cecil: Cecil is a pretty girl with long, light curls. She is interested in the occult, extraterrestrials, and fortune telling. She notices that there is something strange about P-ko and Q-ko, but it is uncertain to if she knows they are extraterrestrials.


Sunia: Sunia is one of the girls that P and Q befriend in school. Sunia is convinced that Ouji is perfect for P-ko... but she's about the only one.


Kuria: Kuria is one of the girls P and Q befriend in school. She is cheerful and energetic, and fleetingly wonders of P-ko is the princess from the moon.