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The Characters


Here are some of P-ko's statistics:

Age: 14
Grade: 7
Planet: Furien
Sign: Pisces
Birthday: March 3
Blood type: O
Rank: Orc Halberd Oniwaban (highest rank to defend Queen Anko)
Symbol: Heart
Image Color: Red
School: Koganemushi Academy
Codename: P


P-ko, or Rakkasei Piiko, (Rakkasei means "peanut") is highly energetic, and very cute. She's a lot like Usagi from Sailormoon , in that she's boy-crazy, bouncy, and eats like a pig. ^_- One can't fault her for liking Earth food too much, though, and she's very kawaii. Like Q-ko, she is an alien from the planet Furien, and is also a cockroach sometimes. (It seems icky at first, but it's actually very kawaii). When P-ko is a cockroach, she has a little red heart on her back... however, it isn't that simple going back and forth between the forms.


To become human, P-ko must (as a cockroach) kiss a human on the lips. As a human, she has a cockroach "tattoo" with a little red heart on its back. Most of the girls at school think that this is very cool. To become a cockroach again, she must kiss her bracelet. And to get into battle mode, P-ko (and Q-ko, for that matter) must say "Warning Color Mode!..." "...Furien Aura!! Metamorphos!" and then kiss each other. Lots of kissing... ^_-

On Q-ko:

P-ko and Q-ko are best friends, even though they are very, very, opposite. And even with all their differences, they still manage to form a very strong friendship. At first, P-ko was not too thrilled working with the mission-minded Q-ko, but it changes after a few missions.

On Ouji:

P-ko has a huge crush on Ouji, and takes advantage of her kissing situation from the beginning. The first human she kisses as a cockroach is Ouji, and after she changed into a teenage girl, Ouji was very freaked out (even more than when the cockroach jumped on his lips...). P-ko made it a point to keep near Ouji, and the girls even moved in next door to Ouji and his brother, Ouga. Ouji thinks that the girls are weird, and even discover their secret...

On the Mission:

P-ko was sent to Earth to locate Queen Anko, (see Other Characters) the leader of her planet, Furien. Anko's disappearence first and foremost scared P-ko, who asked if the Queen was abducted. Her instructor assured her that they should not jump to conclusions, but sent the girls to Earth anyway (to track down the missing monarch). However, when she got to Earth, P-ko wasn't exactly buckling down to the mission. She worked at it, but wasn't as serious about the plan as her partner, Q-ko, was. Although there were three rules they had to follow, the three Furien Principles (see below), P-ko disobeys one of them deliberately... though her punishment is supposed to go under the penal code, who can say what will happen to her?

The Three Furien Principles:

Article One: Do not injure a human
Article Two: Protect yourself and your allies
Article Three: Do not fall in love with a human.