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PQ Angels ran in Nakayosi Magazine (Nakayosi means "friend") in 1997, where P-ko and Q-ko went on four adventures. (In other words, 4 acts of a manga...). Sadly, Naoko Takeuchi and Nakayosi had a "falling out"... so to speak, and the series stopped ubruptly, leaving fans to wonder about the series, and ask the many, many, many, MANY, questions we have now. (Like what's up with the queen's disappearance!?)

Recently, Takeuchi has gone back to Nakayosi with two new series, (aside from the "Punch!" series, which we aren't going to count... ^_-) Toki no Meca (about a robot girl's adventures), and Love Witch (about a young witch's coming of age, and her attempt to save her twin brother).

PQ Angels on TV:

Yes, it's true. PQ Angels was originally slated to be a TV series! But will it ever happen? It's uncertain. Right now, Takeuchi is pretty focused on her series Love Witch, which may be a series of its own... if it is, then PQ Angels will likely be placed on the back burner yet again. ^^"

Takeuchi-sensei did say that she regretted the way the series ended... (with Nakayoshi losing seven pages of her original manuscript -_-;), and also said on her website she would love to continue the series, apologizing to all the fans... but she also said in her Punch Series that the characters felt foriegn to her. *sniff*. So the answer? Maybe...

So, is Takeuchi ever going to complete the beloved PQ Angels? It's sort of unlikely... but maybe not that unlikely! After all, Codename wa Sailor V was completed after Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon , and it started much earlier. ^_^ So now it's a question of, "will she..." and if so, "when...?"

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